Sleep The Best Beauty Secret Around

Today we have top models, actresses and super moms providing tips about a variety of topics such as hair care, skin care, make up, blemish removal, and many others that will help you highlight your natural beauty. Some of these ideas cost thousands of dollars to $50 or less. However, if you truly want to look your best you should make sure you are getting a good night's sleep. If you are not sleeping through the night, your other beauty tips will be less than effective.You may be asking, "How can I sleep through the night? What should I do to ensure I do?"

There are so many methods out there today that claim to cure insomnia many by ingesting chemicals. Rather than using a quick fix to a long-standing problem, perhaps there are other things out there you could change instead. Below are 6 things you can do on your own to help your insomnia:

Reduce or Eliminate Background Noise:

If you do not live alone, it is easy to assume that there are several distractions that can get in the way of a peaceful nights sleep. But, even when the dog is barking and the cars are honking, there are still things you can do to cut out excess noise. Leave the television and radio off at least an hour prior to your bed time, even if you feel they are helpful tools to lull you to sleep. Close your bedroom door if you can. Ear plugs may also be a way to prevent extra loud noises from ruining your sleep.

Limit Your Intake of Coffee and Soda:

While you may need that jolt of caffeine in order to function at work or school throughout the day, there is no need to overdo it with five cups or cans per day. Remember that caffeine should be used with caution, because your brain will be constantly going as long as it is stimulated by caffeine. Consuming these beverages too close to bed could mean that you will lie awake for hours trying to shut off the effects of the caffeine.

Aromatherapy or Essential Oils:

The next time you lie in bed and stare up at the ceiling, wouldn't it be much better to just roll over and be soothed into a slumber by pleasant and comforting aromas? This is such a natural way to relax and fall asleep you may find yourself in sweet dreams in a matter of minutes.

Adjust Late Night Eating Habits:

It is very common to lie awake in bed and crave a midnight snack to help relieve stress of sleeplessness. But this form of instant gratification will not help you rest on that pillow any sooner. In fact, this will hinder any hope of having a truly restful night of sleep at all. (As well as add inches to your waistline.)


Perhaps you might be over-thinking your problems with insomnia. It may be nothing more than a matter of changing a few things in your bedroom to induce sleep. Maybe that old mattress is a little too lumpy, or perhaps you should crack open the window for some fresh air. Whatever the case may be, the problems may be a matter of just setting the right atmosphere for a great nights sleep.

Calm Your Mind:

It might be hard to try to think positive thoughts when there is so much going on in your life, but if you want any hope of a restful night, getting rid of the mental clutter is a good place to start in shirking the insomnia. Replace all that negativity with a pleasant childhood memory, or switch it to a fantasy or good things to come in your life. A great practice is to go through your day and think of all the good things that happened. This always works wonders for me.

You don't need to spend a million bucks on beauty products, start with getting a good nights sleep!

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