There is a Difference in Aging & Aging Well

I learned over 15 years ago that although aging is part of life, it doesn't have to suck! Age 37 is when I started learning about inflammation on the inside of your body as well as the outside of your body and the foods that can cause you to age faster than necessary. Clean eating not only helps with the inside of your body, it also helps with your skin, hair, puffiness and wrinkles. And yes, we all want help with our wrinkles. Although there are temporary solutions out there, botox, fillers, etc. clean eating is the only permanent solution I have found and yes I have tried more than I would like to admit!

It seems when you say "clean eating" the perception is that you are suffering or somehow missing out on things. The truth is, clean eating forces you to change your relationship with food, which is usually a good thing. Rather than it being a reward or an event, it simply becomes fuel for your body to do all the things that you love and to feel great while doing them. Does that mean it has to taste like crap? Absolutely not!

Meals were always an event at our house, lots of appetizers and snacks while we all gathered in the kitchen while the food cooked. That does not have to change! Your choices for appetizers change. Instead of pizza bites, use zucchini for the crust of your pizza bites. Choose whole grain or sprouted grain bread to dip in balsamic & olive oil instead of french bread. You get my point here. It is all about choices.

I must admit when injured my leg I have followed my plan less than I had in years. But I  knowingly did it. I did not mindlessly do it. And although the occasional indulgence  brought me great comfort during that time, I knew the reality of what eating like that regularly would do to me physically and in appearance. And I have no desire to go back to that. I am about to be 53 years old and have never felt better or been able to physically do more. If you are on the fence about clean eating, I highly encourage you to make the switch! You will not regret it.

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