Labradorite is a majestic and graceful stone associated to wisdom, protection and spirituality. This gemstone is valued for its beauty, energy and the mystical benefits associated to it. Labradorite belongs to the feldspar-group mineral, part of the plagioclase series. This stone has in its structure many layers of different minerals. When the light enters into the stone and passes through these layers, the light separates into different rainbow colors which bounce back and forth creating a dazzling effect. This effect is known as labradorescence.

Each Labradorite stone has its unique color-pattern and features a play of iridescent colors, which can include green, blue, orange, yellow and red. Rarely, other colors might appear as gold, teal, purple and orange. This makes Labradorite a must-have for gem collectors and crystal lovers.

Labradorite is a loved stone by jewelers and artisan jewelry designers to create their custom pieces. It can be found displaying its charm in cabochons, earrings, pendants and more. The price and value of this stone is determined by its color and the brilliance of the labradorescence.

Labradorite was discovered in Canada in 1770 by a Moravian missionary. The specific location where it was first found was the Isle of Paul, Labrador. This is the reason why it was named as Labradorite. According to some ancient legends, the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights colors were captured inside each Labradorite stone. Its wonderful optical effects make it easy for us to imagine why this legend arose. Labradorite deposits can be found in Canada, Russia, Finland, Australia, United States and Madagascar. 

Emotional Benefits:

Labradorite brings harmony, wisdom and self growth. It is known for being protective as it creates a protective shield.

Labradorite also balances and cleanses the aura. If you are living difficult situations or if you feel affected by other people's problems and energy,

Labradorite's high vibrarion will help to restore your energy after any drain. It will assist you to release those dense energies. This luscious gem is known as a stone for transformation and courage.

This stone is perfect when your life is changing and for those moments when you want mental peace. In addition, the crysta's energy stimulates imaginartion and inspiration, bringing you new ideas and points of view.

It balances rationality with inner vision. Connected to the Third Eye Chakra, the center that connect us with the spiritual world, Labradorite will enhance your connection with divine energies, improving your intuition and psychic powers.

This gemstone also brings messages from the subconscious mind to help us on our spiritual path.

Labradorite is a stone used to begin the understanding of the universe’s mysteries and for a profound knowing of ourselves, such as discovering our true purpose in life.

Physical Benefits:

Labradorite is recognized for being positive to relieve stress and anxiety as it brings calm to hyperactive minds. This stone will bring mental clarity to its owner. Labradorite is also known for being beneficial to treat issues in the eyes and the brain, due to its deep connection to the Third Eye Chakra. Some crystal and holistic healers find Labradorite as a positive gem for the respiratory system and to relieve colds. In addition, it’s said to be helpful for lowering blood pressure, a healthy digestion, for a proper hormonal balance and for regulating metabolism.

If you suffer from any physical pain, emotional problem or any other ailment, please consult a qualified doctor so they can provide you an appropriate treatment. Crystals are an energetic support but they are never a substitute for medical advices.

Uses and Properties as a Birthstone:

Labradorite is not a traditional or modern birthstone. However, it is associated with the zodiac signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Chakra Association:

Thanks to its colors, Labradorite can be positive to harmonize all the Chakras. However, it is more connected and used for the Third Eye and Throat Chakras to develop intuition and improve communication. 

How to Use/Wear:

  • To receive the Labradorite’s rays of wisdom, place it where you feel most appropriate on your body.

  • It is recommended for meditation: hold it in your hand to start feeling serenity and peace.

  • You can wear it in necklaces, earrings and rings to keep its energy near the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.

  • Other jewels are also a good option to be surrounded by its high energy.

  • Labradorite is widely used in Feng Shui at home and work spaces. It will bring balance, harmony and creativity to any environment. I personally love to use it on my nightstand in my bedroom.  

How to Care For:

Labradorite can be cleansed with warm, soapy water. Just place the gem under running water for a few seconds.

If needed, you can also gently clean it with an old nail brush before rinsing and patting it dry with a soft cloth. Do not use any harsh chemicals, ultrasonic cleaners or steamers to clean it.

It is recommended to take off your Labradorite during any activity where impacts might occur, as sports, exercising and some household chores as dishwashing. Labradorite has a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale. It might reduce its polish and scratch in contact with some jewelry, objects or other gemstones with similar or greater hardness.

Storage - Store it separately from other gems. You can use a soft cloth for wrapping the stone for extra protection.

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