Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the most used mineral for love and emotional healing. It will surround your body and aura with its loving energy. This makes it a recommended gem to start the New Year! This stone is part of the quartz family. Rose Quartz gets its name from its color which ranges from pale pink to rose red hues. The color is attributed to the pink inclusions of the mineral dumortierite and to the presence of manganese, iron and titanium.

Rose Quartz is relatively inexpensive and can be found in jewelry, utility items, tumbled stones, sculptures, spheres and more. Rose Quartz has a long history and presence since it was first discovered in Minas Gerais, Brazil and on Maine, US. Beads dating back to 7000 BC were found in Mesopotamia (today Iraq) and it’s said that Assyrians crafted Rose quartz jewelry around 800-600 BC. This pink gemstone was also used as amulet by Egyptian, Roman and Greek civilizations. They believed in the protective and magical properties of Rose Quartz.

In our modern days, Rose Quartz is still a must-have for crystal lovers and collectors. Nobody escapes to its grace, even PANTONE® named Rose Quartz as their “Color of the Year” in 2016. Rose Quartz is abundant and easy to find at many locations. Actually, the Rose Quartz found in the market is produced in Brazil, South Africa and Madagascar. Other mines can be found in United States, Namibia, Mozambique and there is even a Rose Quartz Mountain in Sri Lanka.

Emotional Benefits:

Rose quartz is used to find and enhance love. This gemstone heals the emotional body and tune the heart with high frequencies. It also balances sexual energy. Rose Quartz will help to relieve overwhelming emotional states as anxiety and tension. It will rise the energy in those moments when we lose hope. This is a supporting gem to overcome traumas and to forgive. Rose Quartz will replace lack of love, sadness, anger and emotional pain for healing, self-love and confidence. This quartz has a soothing energy that awakes unconditional love for yourself and for others. Use this gem if you want to improve your relationships and to overcome conflicts. Rose Quartz will encourage you to live the moment with a heart-based perspective. It will connect you with the beauty present in all things, improving empathy, compassion and understanding.

Physical Benefits:

Rose Quartz strengthens the heart. It can also help to alleviate problems related to stress: depression, headaches and heart diseases. This gem is known for being positive for the circulatory system, the proper functioning of the stomach, kidneys, adrenal glands and for treating disorders in the lungs and thymus. Rose Quartz is commonly used for beauty to treat skin problems as acne, wrinkles, scarring, etc. There are even tools made of Rose quartz for smoothing and brightening the face (like this rose quartz roller.)  Holistic healers believe that Rose Quartz is a perfect stone to use during pregnancy to ease labor pains. It’s also known for favoring the connection and the health of mother and baby.

If you suffer from any physical pain, emotional problem or any other ailment, please consult a qualified doctor so they can provide you an appropriate treatment. Crystals are an energetic support but they are never a substitute for medical advices.

Uses and Properties As A Birthstone:

Rose Quartz is an alternate birthstone for the month of January. It’s associated with Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs. Rose Quartz is also related to Taurus. Both are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love.

Chakra Association:

Chakra Healing Rose Quartz is the most popular gemstone for the Heart Chakra. This is the energy center of our emotions, compassion and love.

How to Use/Wear:

Rose Quartz is highly recommended on the chest, near to the Heart Chakra, to amplify its healing properties. However, you can place it where you feel most appropriate. Rose quartz necklaces and pendants are a wonderful option. Bracelets are also recommended to keep its energy within the area, because the arms are connected with the Heart Chakra.

During emotional crises, hold a Rose Quartz in your hand or against your chest. You will feel its calming energy.

Rose Quartz enhances the affirmations and the spiritual work. Its soothing vibes will bring focus and peace, making it perfect for meditation. Rose Quartz is also excellent for bringing harmony and love to any home and office. You can use Rose Quartz in Crystal Grids. It will help to fulfill your intentions, enhance your spiritual awareness and set the energy of the place.

How to Care For:

Rose Quartz is a durable stone with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. It shouldn’t be exposed for long periods to heat or light because its color might fade. Rose Quartz can be cleansed with warm, soapy water. Just place it under running water for a few seconds.

If needed, you can also gently clean the gem with an old nail brush before rinsing and patting it dry with a soft cloth. Cleaning with ultrasonic and steam cleaners should be avoided. Store it separately from other gems. It might reduce its polish and scratch in contact with some jewelry, objects or other gemstones with similar or greater hardness.

The best is a cool and dry place in a dark jewelry box, bag or cabinet. You can use a soft cloth for wrapping the stone for extra protection. It’s recommended to take off your Rose Quartz during any activity where impacts might occur, as sports, exercising and some household chores as dishwashing.

Are you ready to be surrounded with the divine energy of Rose Quartz? 

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