January Full Wolf Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon in Cancer or Wolf Moon will take place on January 6.

This Moon will appear less bright and smaller than a regular Full Moon, as it will be a Micromoon. This means that the Moon is at its farthest point from Earth. Full Moons are related to the culmination of what we have started during the New Moon and releasing what is no longer serving our highest good. They are also associated with emotions and relationships. Since Cancer is a water element sign, intense emotions, nostalgia, vulnerability and sensitivity will come to the surface. We will also have the impulse to find our physical or emotional safe place, security and stability.

We ended the year with the practical Capricorn's energy which still continues to influence us. Now the challenge is to find the balance with the emotive Cancer’s energy: the harmony between work and the moments shared with our family and loved ones. Here you'll find out everything you need to know to use this emotional season in your favor with the best rituals and crystals for Cancer Full Moon.

What’s this Full Moon all about?

This Full Moon passes along the axis of Cancer and Capricorn signs. Capricorn’s energy invites us to achieve our goals and create strategies to be closer to our dreams. Cancer’s influence will make us feel highly emotional and will impulse us to spend time with those we love, especially our family. The first Full Moon of the year is also known as Wolf Moon according to some European cultures and Native and Colonial American. They associated this entire lunar month with wolves, which symbolize family, protection, territory and inner force.

The symbol for Cancer is a crab with a soft inner shell that represents home, the past, nostalgia and safety. This mythical crab is small, but has the strength and courage to face enemies to defend his sea. Cancer represents that brave energy to protect what we love. This makes us think that beyond the emotionalism associated with Cancer, there is also inner strength, courage and loyalty towards those who are important to him. The symbolism of the wolf and the crab fit perfectly and give us a mental image of how we are going to feel this season.

This first Full Moon of the year is about balancing our commitment to work and our loved ones. Cancer Full Moon encourages us to think about what and who is important to you, what are your motivations and the things you want to achieve and protect. Besides, to consider new ways to find more well-being and alignment into your life.

During this phase, nostalgic feelings might arise making us feel sad. These emotions can be fluctuating and cause an over thinking about the situations that have triggered our feelings. A way to deal with this is to create some mental and emotional distance to see things more objectively. Compassion and forgiveness will be also a good option to avoid depressive thoughts. But not everything is going to be emotional and dense. Cancer's energy will also make you feel connected to your intuition. Pay attention to your heart’s messages and body sensations. There may be desires in your soul that need to be heard. Use this sensibility to develop more self-love and compassion for yourself, honoring your path and the experiences you have lived.

Things to do this Cancer Full Moon

Spend time with your loved ones: Cancer is about family, use this energy to share moments with them. Discover new common interests to do things together and try to resolve misunderstandings.

Allow yourself to feel your emotions: your feelings can bring important information about the road ahead. Pay attention to them and let your heart and intuition guide you.  Journaling always helps me process and feel my feelings.

Beauty rituals: Cancer is related to looking pretty, radiant and feeling luminous as the Moon. It's a perfect time to use face treatments and any self-care ritual that makes you shine! I find it is the perfect day to use my rose quartz roller.  It feels amazing fresh from the freezer.  

Dance: whether it's under the moonlight or at home, dancing will help you release energy that needs to leave your body. It will bring you positivity and happiness.

Follow your own times: we've been talking about setting goals since last month, but allow yourself to flow with your own times to discover what you want for this year, without adding extra pressure. We still have many opportunities ahead to define our dreams!

Charge your crystals: it's the perfect time to cleanse and charge your crystals with the moonlight. I have designed a set of crystals specifically for the full moon, You can check them out here.

Recommended Crystals for Cancer Full Moon

Amazonite: this is a master healer stone. Amazonite connects with the heart’s energy helping to overcome difficult emotions and traumas. It dispels fear, anger and negative energy. Amazonite will help you to communicate with your loved ones from your heart. It will also expand your vision to see new points of view.

Moonstone: this gem is deeply connected with the Moon. Moonstone protects your energy and balances the emotional body. This stone will improve your spiritual connection and bring you harmony, grace, intuition and inspiration.

Selenite: it will bring you focus, calm and emotional balance. Selenite’s soft, refined, spiritual and uplifting energy will help you to flow gently through this emotional period. Selenite improves the trust in your inner guide and promotes positive energy

Now you are ready for Cancer Full Moon and to start living 2023 as one of the best years of your life! 

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