Capricorn New Moon in December

New Moon in Capricorn will take place on December 23 and it is a Supermoon. This means that the Moon will be at its closest proximity to the Earth. Astrologists believe that this phenomenon amplifies the effects of the sign, in this case Capricorn.

The year began with a Capricorn New Moon (on January 2) and the vision of our plans and intentions. Now we say goodbye to the year in the same way: with Capricorn’s inner force and determination. This is an interesting astrological synchronization! We come from an emotional season, now is time to enter in the practical energy of Capricorn. Capricorn’s spirit brings the strength and inspiration to finish the projects that you developed during the year.

This New Moon promises that everything you have been working to achieve will have its deserved reward. It will make us feel strong to welcome 2023 with renewed vibes. This is also a perfect moment to start something new. Here you'll find out everything you need to know about Capricorn New Moon in December: meaning, rituals and crystals for this season!

What’s this Capricorn New Moon all about?

New Moon in Capricorn means enthusiastic, hardworking and enterprising energy! Following the high-minded and emotional energy of the last Gemini Full Moon, now Capricorn brings the manifestation of thoughts in a tangible form. New Moons are the beginning of a new cycle. This New Moon in Capricorn is the right moment to find new directions, paths and goals. In addition, whenever a new year begins, we have the excitement of a fresh start to do the things we dream of.

Capricorn will give us discipline, strength, focus, courage, direction and security for those new paths we want to walk. During the previous season, we have been considering what’s worthy of our time and energy. In those matters that you decide to continue, use Capricorn’s energy for creating structures and methods to get closer to your intentions and heart’s desires.

The symbol of Capricorn is a mythical mountain goat with a mermaid or fish tail. This Sea Goat never gives up when climbing a mountain. Its message is to never give up to your dreams! Each mistake or failure can be seen as a lesson. Just keep focused and determined, planning your steps to achieve your goals. Even when Capricorn has an earth based perspective, it’s also a magical oceanic creature related to intuition and a deep inner vision. This symbol is a reminder to reach beyond limitations and to believe in your potential and capacities. Sometimes it can be hard, but try not to get frustrated if things don't work out the first time. Set honest steps for everyday… and always follow the path that your intuition and soul indicates you.

Things to do this New Moon

• Connect with divine masculine: Capricorn is strongly related to masculine energy. It’s a good moment for making peace with your father and all your masculine ancestors. Hoponopono can be a great technique for unblocking energies and to let go any karma. Remember, forgiving and letting go is something you do for your own well-being and to bring harmony to your heart.

• Create a bridge between imagination and practicality: Capricorn is more than the formality with which it’s commonly associated. A fantastic and mystical air surrounds its spirit. Connect with your imagination to create clever and unique paths and strategies.

Visualize your next steps: ask yourself: Where would I like to see myself in six months from now? and what steps do I have to take to reach that chapter of my life? Develop practical and simple steps to make your dreams come true. Include work, studies, personal growth and everything that is important to you.

Affirmations: work with these Capricorn inspired intentions for your meditation practice: “I empower myself to keep climbing the mountain” and “I am my own security and I trust my abilities.”

• Crystals: working with crystals is almost a requirement for this New Moon. Capricorn is related to archaeology, crystals and gemstones! These are the best stones that you can use both for rituals and as amulets in your pocket or jewelry.

Recommended Crystals for Capricorn New Moon

Onyx: a Capricorn’s stone. Onyx will bring you focus, grounding, balance and determination. It will also reduce stress so you can handle challenges with clarity and calm.

Labradorite: a highly mystical and protective stone that calms hyperactive minds. This gem is perfect for Capricorn season because it boost imagination and brings new ideas. It also balances rationality with inner vision.

Malachite: a transformation stone for this New Moon. It will tune you with the spiritual guidance. Malachite provides an adventurous influence that encourages changes.

Tiger’s Eye: this well-known stone amplifies the personal power. It helps to separate the illusions from the truly important, which is part of the inner work of this season. Tiger’s Eye develop courage, self-confidence, clarity and security in your goals.

Now you are ready for the Capricorn New Moon and to receive the New Year. Sending you positive energy for all your dreams! 

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