December Full Moon 2021 - Cheers to a Bigger and Better 2022

The Gemini full moon on December 18/19, known as the Cold Moon or the Long Night Moon is exceptionally lucky because of a harmonious aspect to Jupiter. The theme of this full moon is taking advantage of opportunities to grow financially and spiritually.

A word of caution though, the full moon is also in a tense relationship with Venus and Pluto. This can spotlight power imbalances (involving emotional support and love for instance) but can help you resolve such issues and find good luck and happiness, especially when it comes to love and money. You will feel an increased need for love and affection. However, relationship tension is possible, especially if there is an imbalance such as the amount of affection received is not the same as the amount given. Even if you are not in a relationship, you may still experience an imbalance involving self-love and how you view yourself.

Emotions peak during the full moon, so use your increased intuition and strength to overcome any challenges relating to relationships. You will quickly be able to identify any unsettling issues in your relationship. It will be easier to share your feelings with others during this time. Relationships and socializing will benefit from greater openness and honesty. Mutual respect and understanding can lead to highly successful personal relationships and business partnerships.

Jupiter brings optimism, good luck, prosperity and happiness. There will be opportunities for financial and spiritual growth to make you healthier, richer and wiser. This is a good full moon for legal matters, investing, or a creative venture such starting or growing a business. You are meant to rediscover your passions, hobbies and what drives you!

The December 18/19 Full Moon is a lucky, optimistic, and generous moon phase because it is trine Jupiter. This is supported by the star Betelgeuse which adds great power, honor and wealth. In numerology the number 19 represents new beginnings, breakthroughs and fresh starts.

Garnet is the ideal crystal to use for the Cold Moon as It is the crystal of wealth and health and will encourage you to indulge while keeping you on a healthy track. Garnet teaches you how to live an abundant life. It has you feeling rich and capable instead of stingy, fearful and lacking.

A few ways to use garnet during the full moon cycle:

  • Place a garnet sphere on your desk and it will attract wealth to your life. The stone of luxury has the energy of abundance and it is beautiful as well.

  • Place a Garnet heart on your nightstand to awaken sensual passion and romance.

  • Carry Red Garnet stones in your pocket to give you physical health from the Root chakra up. Carry Green Garnet stones in your shirt pocket to give you heart health and spiritual satisfaction.

  • To magnify your results, use Garnet with these three Moon Crystals: Moonstone, Selenite, and Labradorite.

It is ideal to gather your crystals before the Full Moon so that you can properly cleanse them and then you will charge them under the Full Moon and program them with your intentions. By doing so, the stones are supercharged to help you on your mission throughout the lunar month.

Happy final full moon of 2021 and cheers to an amazing 2022!

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