Gemini Full Moon in December

Full Moon in Gemini or Cold Moon will take place on December 7. The Full Moon in Gemini will enhance the desire for knowledge, spontaneity and changes. It can also act as a trigger for all the things that awakened during the past eclipses and moons. The Full Moon in Gemini will be less intense than the one we had in November. Full Moons are known for bringing hidden emotions and transformations to the surface.

The final Full Moon of this year will not be an exception and it will heat things up one last time. Mars is still retrograding through Gemini. Gemini is a sign of dualities and Mars is a planet of passion with an intense energy. If there are situations, discomforts or resentments that haven't been resolved, Gemini's energy can bring them to light with greater intensity. The invitation is to embrace our polarities and to seek balance in our emotions and energy, as they might be explosive and without filters! But don't worry, here you'll find out everything you need to know to feel balanced and prepared with the best rituals and crystals for Gemini Full Moon.

What’s this Full Moon all about?

The last Full Moon is also known as Cold Moon according to the Algonquins. They used this term to make reference to the moonlight shinning upon long winter nights. The end of the year refers to a period of deep introspection, reflection and rest. It’s no coincidence that December is a month to stay at home with friends and family, to provide warmth to our loved ones. The Gemini Full Moon encourages you to find balance for our dualities. The symbol for Gemini are the twins. One of them represent the inmortal and the other the mortal. They also represent the earthly and spiritual parts in ourselves, the physical body and soul.

During this Moon these polarities will be more evident, we need patience to fully accept ourselves as human beings with material and spiritual needs. See yourself as a whole that should be treated with love, respect and honor. It's a good opportunity to see which parts need special attention to achieve your greatest well-being. Attend to the needs of your body: food, rest and personal care. Also, the needs and desires of your soul to reach its highest potential: growth and healing.

This Full Moon is also related to closing cycles, starting new ones and rebirth. When Mars is retrograde, its an ideal moment to observe where we invest our energy: thought patterns, relationships, behaviors and beliefs. This reflection already comes from November’s Moons and December Full Moon invites us to see it one more time. Allow yourself to heal and let go of everything that has made you suffer, use the learning from each experience and be ready for new adventures!

Due to this influence of retrograde Mars, we might feel a heated energy that sometimes will be difficult to control, especially in challenging situations for us. The Christmas celebrations and all its meetings are moments in which tension and misunderstandings might arise. This Full Moon requests for understanding and compassion with any mistake, both the ones we make and those made by others.

Things to do this Full Moon

See the last Full Moon of the year in a spacious place: the best place will be a spacious area, and at a heigh place if possible, so that the Moon won't be blocked by buildings or trees. Less light interference means that the Moon will shine bright.

Rest: give yourself permission for that well-deserved rest. Find moments to recharge your batteries and start glowing again!

Meditation: it will be your great ally to keep your mind clear and your emotions stable.

Follow your intuition: under the influence of this Full Moon, you can trust your instincts. Ask to the Universe for signs if you need confirmation.

Complete tasks left undone: this is a time of endings, you can use this Full Moon’s energy to observe the tasks that were left unfinished throughout the year. You can finish them to start a new cycle with the right foot.

Start planning your New Year: this is a great moment to start setting resolutions and new goals for the upcoming year.


Recommended Crystals for Full Moon

• Orange Calcite: this uplifting gem will bring positive energy, increase confidence and self-esteem.

• Blue Kyanite: this gemstone works on the Throat Chakra and enhances communication and self-expression. Kyanite has a calming effect, drives away anger, frustration, confusion and stress by bringing mental clarity.

Green Opal: related to the heart, healing emotions and love. It brings strength, insights and intuition. This gem will calm you during these emotional days.

• Black Tourmaline: a wonderful grounding gemstone and one of the best for Full Moon. It reduces negative thoughts, fear and stress. It provides protection and transforms dense energy into a higher vibration.

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Now you are ready for Gemini Full Moon! 

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