Gemini New Moon In May

Is it that time of the month yet??! I'm talking about the New Moon!

New moons happen approximately every 28 days, and typically signal a time to set intentions — aka manifest — for the coming moon cycle. And this month, the new moon is on 30th May.

#MoonNerdTalk Before we talk more about it.. have you read things like.. "30th May's New Moon in Gemini is ruled by Mercury."??! Confusing isn't it?

Each planet has a planetary ruler and Gemini's is Mercury aka the God of speed and communication.

Let's talk about how can we use this New Moon magic for our benefit!

On this new moon, keeping in mind the creative projects, friendships & communication; think what would you like to attract/manifest in your life?

Once you've set your intentions, get to work. Experiment and then edit based on what you’ve experienced. But above all: meet the Universe halfway. Put in the effort. Keep your spirit light and hopeful without losing your Mercurial, child-like enthusiasm and fervor - but don’t let your attention wander.

New Moon in Gemini is perfect for starting a financial or intellectual project. The energy of the Gemini New Moon and carefully selected crystals will give you the energetic support you need to achieve success in your creative endavours. Here's a few crystals you can have with/on you this New Moon -

While you have the crystals by your side, here’s a few things you can do this New Moon
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