January New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius New Moon in January

New Moon in Aquarius will take place on January 21. We have good news: finally we’ll have a break from the intense and emotional energy of the last Full Moon in Cancer (January 6) and from previous seasons. Now is time to enter in the creative energy of Aquarius. Our emotions and passions will take this breath at the time that we detach from past haunts.

This zodiac sign’s spirit brings freedom, communicaion and the impulse to express our unique individuality. Aquarius New Moon also brings us the time for excitting new projects, relationships and the opportunity to see things from new angles, a renewed thinking outside the box. Here you'll find out everything you need to know about Aquarius New Moon in January: meaning, rituals and crystals for this season!

What’s this Aquarius New Moon all about?

New Moons represent fresh starts, new opportunities, new goals, new paths, new ideas, new steps, new atitude and so on. If we want to keep in mind what a New Moon symbolize, the key word is new! The New Moon in Aquarius has an enthusiastic energy that invites us to live novel experiences in all areas of our life, taking new chances and living outside of our comfort zones. These innovative actions can lead us to discover different destinations and open new doors to move towards our dreams.

Aquarius is an air element sign, it comes with the message that we are all connected. It is related to communication at all levels and will impulse us to stay connected with our community, friends, family and loved ones. The symbol of Aquarius is the Water Bearer, a man carrying a vessel of water which is flowing freely. This image represents the Gods giving life, nutrients and all that is needed to the world. The water represents the spiritual energy which is open and running. It is also seen as the element that washes away the past and leaves everything prepared for a new beginning.

According to the Glastonbury Zodiac, another Star Map of the Zodiac Constellations, the Aquarius symbol is the Phoenix. The Phoenix goes through cycles of life, death and rebirth. This bird dies but resurrects by his own ashes. This is also an interesting symbolism we can embrace this season: a wonderful opportunity for changes. Aquarius brings us the courage to break with toxic patterns, emotions and thoughts that no longer serve us.

Distance yourself from habits and past attachments that hold you back. Use this energy to discover what is no longer serving to your well-being and reborn from that dead pattern to turn it into something beautiful and greater. If you embrace this energy, this is going to be a moment of rebirth and progress in your life, because Aquarius moves forward to growth. This is a time for transformation, deep consciousness and changing your life in a profound way.

Things to do this New Moon

• Connect with others: this New Moon brings the impulse of connecting with others and socializing. Help others, allow yourself to receive support and express your love to those around you.

Set intentions: New Moons are the moment for creating our list of goals, and this one in Aquarius even more! Start planning your dreams and prepare yourself for a new path.

Healing Rituals: it's the perfect time for spiritual, emotional, energetic and physical cleansing and detoxification rituals. Let go of what weighs and no longer makes you happy!

• Create a New Moon altar: choose a moment when you can be calm, clean the space with incense and set your intentions and positive energies to create it. You can include candles, incense, crystals (the crystals recommended below for Aquarius will be perfect), positive notes, dried herbs, plants or fresh flowers and a cute scarf or fabric for setting. Let your imagination fly!

Recommended Crystals for Full Moon

These crystals will bring you the fresh energy, support, originality and out of the box ideas for this Aquarius New Moon. Use them in your New Moon Altar, for your rituals, as amulets in your pocket or as jewelry:

Chrysocolla: this stone favors communication and helps to harmonize conflicting relationships. It heals interpersonal interactions. Protects you from negative energies and brings confidence, joy and creattivity.

Rhodochrosite: this unusual pink stone stimulates creativity and personal power. It favors the spontaneous expression of feelings and can enhance passion. This is a wonderful crystal to bring harmony to your relationships.

Aquamarine: a positive stone for communication. It provides happiness and well-being. Aquamarine creates a straight, persistent and dynamic personality. It is known for bringing joy and smiles to its owner. It brings peace, courage, purification and love.

Are you ready for rebirth as a Phoenix and to start your new adventures? 

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