June Gemini New Moon

The New Moon in Gemini will take place on June 18 and it will bring a wave of changes and new opportunities. The influence of the zodiac sign of the Twins invites us to share our positivity with others and to find harmony in our inner dualities. The New Moon is always a time for new beginnings, when we can set our intentions for the next lunar cycle. This is a wonderful opportunity to align our mind with our soul, and to communicate our truth with clarity and compassion. It's a time to open our heart, to listen and learn from others, and to share our wisdom and insights.

The Gemini New Moon encourages us to celebrate our uniqueness and to remember that we are all connected by the same cosmic energy. During this lunar phase we can embrace fresh perspectives to experience new possibiliites for personal grow. Let’s take a look to the spiritual meaning of this Gemini New Moon and what it will bring to our lives. Here you’ll also discover the best rituals and crystals for this season!

What’s this Gemini New Moon all about?

The New Moon creates a powerful alignment of energy to set our new intentions, goals and to start living our lives with a new attitude. It's also a time to make room for new potentials. This New Moon will be under Gemini’s influence, a sign of communication, curiosity and creativity. This zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind, which brings the impulse to learn new things, explore new perspectives and connecting with others.

The symbol of Gemini are the Twins, meaning the two sides living inside ourselves: the logical and the intuitive, the rational and the emotional, the masculine and the feminine. The Gemini New Moon asks us to balance these energies to integrate them into our being.

Gemini is a sign that can adapt easily to different situations and environments. This New Moon encourages us to be curious and playful, try new things and learn new skills. We can experiment with different forms of expression, such as writing, painting, speaking, singing or dancing. Reading books, watching documentaries or having interesting conversations with others are also wonderful choices to expand your horizons and express yourself in new ways during this Gemini New Moon.

Despite this powerful lunar cycle offering great potential for positive changes and inner growing, keep in mind that energy works both ways and this New Moon might bring challenges. Gemini’s duality can make us feel two things at once, so take time to observe and recognize your feelings to determine what course of action you should take.

Things to do this New Moon

• Do something fun and playful: bring out your inner child! Do something that makes you laugh or feel happy. It could be playing a game, watching a comedy show or anything else that brings you joy. This will also connect you with positive vibrations that can clear your path to new opportunities.

• Write a letter to yourself: Gemini is related to communication, so writing is a powerful tool to tap into this energy. Think about what you want to achieve in the next six months, and write a letter to yourself as if you have already accomplished it. Be as specific and detailed as possible, and use positive and affirming words. This is known as a powerful manifestation technique, try it and let us know how much you have manifested!

Make a Gemini inspired vision board: This is a fun and creative way to visualize your goals and dreams. You can add some symbols or colors that correspond to Gemini, such as yellow, orange, purple, butterflies, twins. Use magazines, photos, stickers or anything else that inspires you. Select the images and words that represent what you want to attract in your life and add them on a poster board. Place your vision board somewhere you can see it every day and feel the excitement of bringing your vision to life.

• Meet new people: Gemini is the sign of socializing, so this is a great time to expand your circle and meet new people to share your interests and passions. You can join an online group or community, attend a webinar or a workshop, or simply talk with someone new. Be curious and open-minded. You never know what you might learn or who you might connect with.

Recommended Crystals for Gemini New Moon

Along with our foundational new moon crystal set, the following crystals are recommended for this new moon: 

Agate: a stone for balance, harmony and stability. It helps you to calm your mind and express yourself clearly and confidently. Agate is great for learning new things, writing and speaking, making it a perfect match for this Gemini New Moon.

Tiger's Eye: this brown, gold, black stone is a must-have for any crystal lover and a great choice during this lunar phase. Tiger’s eye is perfect for adventurers and anyone who wants to explore new horizons. It will bring you courage, protection and empowerment to overcome fears, challenges and to make wise decisions.

Fluorite: this beauty helps us clear our minds from confusion and negativity. Fluorite also enhances our intuition and creativity, which are essential qualities for Gemini. Fluorite can guide us to access higher wisdom and abilities to communicate it effectively. It can also assist us in learning new skills and expanding our knowledge.

Lapis Lazuli: this deep blue stone with golden flecks can help you expand your perspective and see things from different angles. Lapis Lazuli can also stimulate your curiosity and creativity, as well as your logical and analytical skills. It will help you balance the duality of the Gemini New Moon by providing you focus and calm, and bringing to light your own truth.

Now you are ready lo live a wonderful Gemini New Moon. Stay curious and cosmic! 

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