June Sagittarius Full Moon

Sagittarius Full Moon in June

Full Moon in Sagittarius or Full Strawberry Moon will take place on June 3 and it will illuminate our lives with its passionate and optimistic energy. This is a special lunar phase that will inspire us to explore new horizons, embrace our dreams and celebrate our achievements.

The Full Strawberry Moon is a wonderful time to celebrate life, express yourself and manifest your dreams. All these will be supported by Sagittarius influence, a zodiac sign of adventure, wisdom and freedom. Sagittarius invites us to expand our vision and seek higher truths. It will also bring waves of positive energy and opportunities for growth and learning.

Here you'll find out everything you need to know to use this powerful moment in your favor with the best rituals and crystals for Sagittarius Full Moon.

What’s this Full Moon all about?

Full Strawberry Moon is the name given to the Full Moon in June. It makes reference to the moment when the strawberries are ready to be harvested. The name comes from the Native American tribes who used the lunar cycles to track the seasons and plan their activities. It’s a time for celebration, joy and gratitude for the abundance of nature and life.

Sagittarius Full Moon encourages us to let go of everything that no longer serves us and is blocking our manifestations. It invite us to find our inner balance, by honoring both the light and the dark aspects of ourselves and our environment. Sagittarius is generous, optimistic, happy, fun, expansive.

This Full Moon brings us the opportunity to finally feel free from limiting beliefs we might have about ourselves, to expand horizons, explore new possibilities and be adventurous. This Full Moon represents the recognition of our achievements thanks to our labor and letting go of what isn't working for us anymore. It provides the energy to close cycles and receive the rewards for the work done throughout the lunar cycle.

During this period we can take a moment to see clearly what is inside our mind and heart. This is a great time to open our mind and to seek out these new experiences and knowledge. You can ask yourself big questions about your life purpose, goals and values:

What do you want to learn and experience?

How can you express your authenticity?

What makes you happy?

Sagittarius Full Moon also brings the energy to develop your creativity and manifest your desires. Use this lunar phase to set intentions and to bring your dreams into reality!

Things to do this Full Moon

Liberation Ritual:

write down the things you no longer want and let them go by burning them - in a safe place - with a flame of a candle. Sagittarius is a Fire zodiac sign, you will be also connecting with the Fire element.

Learn something new:

this is a perfect time to enroll in a course, read a book, watch a spiritual documentary to spark your curiosity and expand your knowledge. Sagittarius loves to learn and teach, so you can also share your wisdom with others.

Meditate with these Sagittarius inspired Mantras:

in a quiet place, close your eyes and meditate with this affirmations: “I am open and ready to live new adventures.” “I free myself from everything that holds me back, from all the painful past, from everything that no longer serves me. I receive now the healing and freedom. My energy is fully restored and is flowing in harmony.”

Have fun and celebrate:

Sagittarius Full Moon is about joy and optimism, have some fun and celebrate your achievements. Go to party with your friends or treat yourself to something special. You deserve it!

Go on an adventure:

whether it's a road trip, a hike, exploring a new place in your city or taking a flight to a new destination! This Full Moon encourages us to explore new places and cultures, and to have fun along the way.

Charge your crystals:

the Full Moon is the moment to cleanse and reactivate the energy of your crystals. Leave them in a place where they can receive the moonlight.

Recommended Crystals for Sagittarius Full Moon

These are just some of the amazing crystals that you can use during the Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius in addition to foundational full moon set. Feel free to experiment and find which one works best for you!

Strawberry Quartz:

this pink beauty is a stone of love, joy and harmony. It helps to open the heart, appreciate ourselves and others, and enjoy life. It also stimulates creativity and imagination, helping us manifest our dreams.

Lapis Lazuli:

a stone of wisdom, truth and communication. Lapis Lazuli is perfect for Sagittarius energy as it encourages you to explore, learn and expand your horizons. This gemstone will also stimulates your intellect, intuition and imagination.


this sunny and joyful stone is ideal for this Full Moon as it inspires us to be adventurous, generous and enthusiastic. Citrine will also give you courage and confidence to pursue your goals and passions.

Now you are ready the Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius. May it bring you joy, adventure and enlightenment! 

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