Leo Full Moon in February

Full Moon in Leo or Snow Moon will take place on February 5. Full Moons are related to spiritual growth and transformation. When the Moon is fully bright in the sky and makes shine our nights, we might also feel a certain illumination in our lives. The Full Moon is believed as the perfect moment for healing, manifesting intentions and releasing old patterns. A time to think on the lessons of past experiences to look forward to the future with this gained wisdom.

The Snow Moon is known for bringing a sense of introspection and introversion, and encourage us to be more intuitive and in touch with our emotions. This Full Moon will be under the influence of Leo zodiac sign. Leo is an expressive and fiery sign that brings creativity, courage, passion, optimism and enthusiasm. It can make you feel more conscious about what’s inside your heart to bring it to life with joy, confidence and grace. Here you'll find out everything you need to know about Leo Full Moon. Discover how to use this powerful energy in your favor with the best rituals and crystals for this moon phase.

What’s this Full Moon all about?

February’s Full Moon is known as Snow Moon. This name makes reference to this time of the year, when snowfall is at its heaviest in many parts of the world. The Snow Moon invites to introspection, bringing the perfect time to focus on our goals and embrace our passions. Leo Full Moon is a powerful time to connect with your creativity, to set your intentions and to pay attention to the things that bring you joy. A moon phase for opening up to new experiences and welcome the unknown.

The Full Moon in Leo encourages us to take risks, pursue creative projects and follow our dreams with boldness. Its energy brings the strength to take actions. In addition, to trust our intuition and be guided by our inner voice. The symbol for Leo is a lion, the king of the jungle. Leo is a Fire sign and, like a real wild lion in nature, its energy is associated with passion, determination, courage, confidence and inspiration.

Leo Full Moon impulses you to create and manifest your heart’s desires and to be fearless to face challenges. This is a time to honor your life and to remain true to your own values. You might also have the impulse of opening your heart and explore your relationship dynamics. During this Full Moon, remember to evaluate the pros and cons of each decision. Leo's fierceness can make us feel so confident, impulsive and powerful, causing to make decisions without evaluating all the details and consequences. Use the determination of this lion to act from your inner wisdom. Structure your ideas and focus your energy in the correct direction. You can see your success faster than you imagined!

Things to do this Full Moon

Spend time with yourself: Leo brings the moment to think about ourselves. During this Full Moon, try to spend time alone. Do something you love or go on a date with yourself! Practice your self-care and self-love even more.

Reflect on Leo’s energy: take a few minutes to do a meditative practice on themes related to Leo: creativity, determination and leadership. Light some candles and smudge with sage or incense to create a sacred space. How can Leo’s energy inspire you to be closer of your dreams and goals?

Create a ritual to honor your inner leader: Leo, the king of the jungle, symbolizes our inner strength. Think about all those moments when you faced a challenge and you passed the test. Be proud of your achievements and celebrate them!

Enjoy nature: nature renews our energies and allows us to release what we no longer need. Visit a natural place and connect with the energy of this Full Moon.

Start a change: commit yourself to change something you want to improve in your daily routine. It can be something like making time to go to the gym, practice yoga, meditate or start writing. Take the first step in the direction of what brings you closer to your greatest well-being.

Charge your crystals: it's time to cleanse and charge your crystals with the moonlight. The Full Moon energy will also help you set new intentions, heal and release what no longer serves to your highest good.

Recommended Crystals for Full Moon

These crystals resonate with Leo's energy and help to bring out its positive qualities:

Carnelian: a powerful stone for courage and ambition, both associated with Leo. Carnelian also promotes ownership of your life. Carnelian can bring positivity, energy and joy. This gem anchors you in the present moment, allowing you to act decisively. It can help to bring focus and dissipates negaivity.

Sunstone: this gemstone connects with Leo and the Sun and has a masculine and solar vibration. It is known for bringing vitality and optimism. Sunstone is also considered positive to bring warm feelings during winter days.

Blue Calcite: think on this stone as water that puts out a big fire. If Leo's fierce energy makes you feel that you have lost the neutral view, Blue Calcite’s energy can help you to calm down your emotions bringing you peace and serenity, so you can return to your center.

Now you know how to use Leo Full Moon’s energy to follow your passions and plan your near future! 

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