Pisces New Moon in February

Pisces New Moon in February

New Moon in Pisces will take place on February 20, it is also known as New Worm Moon. This is a time of spiritual awareness, when our intuition is more powerful and we can tap into the energies of the divine. Pisces New Moon brings us the perfect moment for renewal and transformation. This energy allows us to let go of the things that have been holding us back and to open up to a new level of understanding.

The energy of Pisces New Moon invites us to restore ourselves, heal negative emotions and past wounds to create a new path of light for our future. During this season, working on our self-concept and keeping our vibration positive and high will help us to live with happiness and closer to our goals and dreams. Here you'll find out everything you need to know about Pisces New Moon in February: meaning, rituals and crystals for this season!

What’s this Pisces New Moon all about?

During this moon phase, the Moon is not visible in the sky at night and represents a period for reflection, renewal, rebirth, growth and changes. It is an opportunity for a fresh start and new opportunities, a powerful time to set our intentions and work to manifest our desires.

This New Moon is also named as Worm Moon because is the time of the year when life starts to grow: plants and animals begin to emerge from their winter slumber. The ground begins to thaw and earthworms start to appear as Winter fades and we get closer to the warmth of Spring. This February's New Moon will be under the influence of Pisces and we might have the impulse of developing a strong connection with our higher selves. This zodiac sign brings the desire of spiritual growth, to discover and follow our divine purpose.

Pisces is a water element sign and it is related to intuition, emotions, flexibility and adaptation. The energy of this New Moon encourages us to explore all these aspects in ourselves and to connect with our emoional depths and feelings. Pisces is represented with two fish swimming in oposite directions. This image symbolizes the creative and analytical duality and the capacity of understanding different perspectives with an open mind.

Pisces brings the ability of living and going with the flow, accepting life as it is at this moment, not with an attitude of resignation but of adaptability to circumstances, especially those that we cannot change or that have not been transformed yet into something better. The Pisces New Moon encourages us to let go of our preconceived ideas and to open our minds to new possibilities, allowing us to grow and expand our beliefs and perspectives.

If you embrace this energy, this is going to be a moment of creativity, spiritual awakening and inspiration. You can also use this time to trust in your intuition and inner guidance. The Pisces New Moon also invites you to be compassionate and understanding with yourself and others. This will allow you to create a bright and strong relationship based on unconditional love with you and with those around you.

Things to do during Pisces New Moon

• Connect with your feelings: this New Moon brings the message of connecting with our emotions. Take some time to become aware of them from a compassionate and loving state, without judging what you feel. Pay special attenttion to the sensations of your body as some emotions may have gotten stuck there. This practice will also help you connect with the present moment and see what needs to be healed so you can achieve true happiness.

• Visualizations: create an intention for yourself and focus on bringing it into reality. It can be a long-term or short-term goal. Visualize or imagine the best you can, what would you want to experience in your life and feel as it is already done.

Take a New Moon Bath: take a relaxing bath with salts and herbs to cleanse and renew your energy. You can also listen to positive music to create the perfect atmosphere!

Prepare your home for a new beginning: burn some sage to cleanse your home and create a sacred environment. You can place crystals to amplify the energy of this New Moon. The crystals recommended below for Pisces will be a perfect choice for this season!

Recommended Crystals for Pisces New Moon These crystals are perfect to increase the energy of the Pisces New Moon. They connect us with our intuition, prepare us to receive spiritual guidance and clear the path for transformation and rebirth.

Amethyst: this quartz is related to the Third Eye Chakra, the energy center of our body associated with intuition. Amethyst is also considered a stone for spiritual growth.

Clear Quartz: this quartz is known for being an energy amplifier and a positive stone to manifest intentions.

Selenite: this stone is related to the Crown Chakra. Selenite can connect you with higher realms and helps to open up the spiritual connection.

Lepidolite: this gem helps to bring serenity, peace and calm into your life. Lepidolite also promotes transformation, which is perfect for Pisces New Moon!

Are you ready for this positive and magical new beginning? 

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