Scorpio Full Moon 2022 & Crystals

You may or may not be a sage burning, crystal wearning & full moon kinda gal and that's why I'm poping here to talk alll about HOW you can make the best of this time towards your growth & improving your life!

May 16th marks the Scropio full moon & total lunar eclipse. This full moon is all about taking responsibility and facing your fears with patience, determination and emotional maturity! Having a lunar eclipse on the full moon makes it extra strong & sassy; it'll help you bring your home, family and intimate relationships into sharper focus.

Universe is made of polarities; with negative comes positive; with bliss we must have a little sadness and in order to feel true live, we must risk a heart break. Both emotions are needed & an essential part of life. Since Scorpio is a sign that rules revenge, this Full Moon take a little bit of time to release the pent up feelings that no longer serve you and cleanse your energetic fields in the process.

Here are few different ways to harness the Scorpio & Full Moon energy together -

  • Revenge Role Play - It's time to release your Inner Darth Vader. Find someone who's loyal, empathetic and trusthworthy for this exercise. Can as an avatar for each other's worst enemies and get all the wrath out of your system. Say it all, scream, swear, and tell them how you feel. Once you are done, take a short break, deep breaths & some fresh air. Trade places and repeat! You can do it 1:1 or with a group. WHatever makes you comfortable.

  • Trim your hair - Weird but "snipping off" stale energy that's lingering in your locks is a great idea of release.

  • Dress in sultry black, the Scorpio color—or try a noir nail polish or lip color

  • Treat yourself to an erotic novel or toy, or some warming massage oil

  • Clean out your social media lists; unfriending people you haven’t talked to in years or who have betrayed you or hurt you. You don’t have to make it all better. Sometimes it’s best to just move on.

3 Crystals For The May Full Moon To Help You Harness Its Energy -

  • Labradorite - Simply keeping a piece of labradorite with you during this full moon weekend can help you tap into the transformative energy.

  • Onyx - onyx is a classic Scorpio-vibez crystal, making it perfect to work with under this full moon.

  • Bronzite - The bronzite crystal is a grounding and purifying force of nature, which can help guide us toward the simplest, most sensible paths that lead to our wildest, most outlandish dreams. Do a crystal cleanse and charging ritual with your bronzite to program it with your full moon intention.


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