Virgo Full Moon in March

The Full Moon in Virgo or Worm Moon will shine in the night sky on March 7. This is a powerful time for renewal, growth and transformation as the Moon is in its full glory and at its most potent energy. During this period, our emotions, intuition and consciousness are enhanced. This month the Full Moon will be under the influence of Virgo zodiac sign. Virgo is associated with themes of changes, service and healing. It’s a time to take care of our physical and mental well-being.

Virgo Full Moon is a moment to open our minds and hearts to the unique possibilities that are available to us. We may find ourselves feeling inspired and motivated to pursue our passions and dreams. Here you'll find out everything you need to know to use this powerful energy in your favor with the best rituals and crystals for Virgo Full Moon.

What’s this Full Moon all about?

March’s Full Moon is also known as Worm Moon and it’s associated with rebirth. The name originated from the ground’s thawing and the emergence of earthworms. The Worm Full Moon is a time to get clear on what we want and to take the necessary steps to make it happen. This is also a great season for connecting and communicating with others. Whether it’s through conversations or creative activities, this is a good time to open ourselves up to the potential of meaningful relationships. With this energy around us, we can express our feelings and thoughts in a healthy and effective way.

Virgo Full Moon also invites us to look inward and to focus on our spiritual path. It brings the ability to analyze and organize our mind, emotions and all our environment, encouraging changes in our lives. The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin, represented as a young woman dedicated to service. Virgo’s energy is also associated with intelligence, purity, health and innocence.

The symbolism of this zodiac sign is often seen as a reminder to stay humble, to help others and to live a life of purity and innocence. During this time it’s recommended to start thinking about how you can help and be gentle with yourself and others. Take care of your physical and emotional needs, and attend to any areas of your life that need healing or transformation.

The Full Moon in Virgo has a great potential and will provide the necessary energy to take a step back and look at our lives from a higher perspective. You might find yourself thinking about your current situation, reflecting on where you have been and looking ahead to where you are going. We can use this energy to gain clarity on our path and create a more fulfilling and meaningful life. So take some time to honor this special moment of transformation and use it to your highest good.

Things to do this Full Moon

Connect with your higher self: this moment of spiritual awareness is perfect to connect to the divine within you. Create a sacred moment to be still and ask for guidance. Visualize a bright light that surrounds you with positive energy. Be open to the messages that come to you and trust that you will receive the answers you need.

Gratitude rituals: give thanks and celebrate the abundance in your life. Create a list or start a journal to write all the things you are grateful for.

Practice self-love: use this time to nurture yourself, let go of what no longer serves you and be open to the potential of a new beginning. It is incredible the changes that can occur when we detach from people and situations that have fulfilled their role in our lives.

Reflect on Virgo’s energy: observe if you need to make adjustments to serve your needs. With the Virgo energy around, you can look within and ask yourself: How am I feeling? What do I need to do to be healthier and happier? Am I aligning my actions with my values? This Full Moon is a great time to plan and organize our lives.

Charge your crystals: if you had been following our post about the Moon, you already know that this is the moment to cleanse and charge your crystals with the moonlight!

Recommended Crystals for Full Moon

Along with our fundamental full moon crystal set, these additional crystals have the powers and benefits to create balance, make changes and focus on our needs:

Amber: this beautiful gem is a talisman for renewal and beauty. Amber has a bright and soothing energy which helps to bring health and well-being. It will connect you with the energies of the sun and earth. Amber also provides energy protection, helping you to stay centered and focused on your path.

Chrysocolla: stone for strength, security and stability. Chrysocolla helps to dissolve negative energy, replacing it for inner peace and harmony. It also encourages you to be compassionate with ourselves and others, which is what this Virgo Full Moon is all about.

Angel Aura: this healing crystal is known for its ability to improve spiritual awareness. Angel Aura promotes calm and balances the energy of the body. This crystal also brings mental clarity, invites you to enjoy the present moment and to flow freely with life.

Now you are ready to create a positive and happier life using the Virgo Full Moon energy! 

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