Wellness & Mindfulness Holiday Gift Guide

If you are looking for spiritual gifts for your sassy, soulful, crystal loving, sage burning friends that share your love for meditation & journaling but also go hard in the gym, the ones that love to beautifully decorate their home and also buy the Chanel or two then look no further!

Wellness & Mindfulness Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season pamper them with these gorgeous stocking stuffers -

  • Crystal Infused Water Bottle - How unique is this Crystal Infused Water Bottle? My fitness fab sassy mama love this.

  • Amethyst Open Bracelet - Who doesn't love a gorgeous Amethyst Bracelet? With added healing abilities like relieving stress, soothing irritability and calming your mind & soul; it's the perfect combo of sass & beauty!

  • Zodiac Crystal Set - Not just any crystals, this zodiac crystals set is carefully curated for their zodiac sign. Ex - Virgos are caring & can get hurt easily. Gemstones like Tiger Eye or Rutilated Quartz can help in protecting them and healing emotional wounds. Grab it here

  • Rose Quartz Facial Roller - You can never go wrong with this one. My crystal loving sassy mamas love this!

  • Crystal Wine Stopper - For the ultimate wine lover because why use a regular wine stopper when you can use one with CRYSTALS!

  • Healing Crystal Candle - This candle smells so nice and perfect to pair with your daily rituals sor setting intentions.

  • Himalayan Salt Lamp - I love salt lamps. Check out my favorite one here.

  • Crystal Incense Holder - Natural rough stone incense holder for sticks, excellent for daily rituals or while you doing your yoga or meditation.

  • Gemstone and Crystal Magic Book - Newbie to the world of crystals & gemstones? This book is just what they need! You may want to get a copy for yourself too!

  • Essential Oils - There are soo many benefits to essentials oils. With so many healing properties and a safer alternative to candle or incense sticks, it makes for a great gift for new mamas! You can fill up the essential oil blend in our Mini Roller Bottles.

  • Home & Cleansing Smudge Kit - Ideal gift for your spiritual woo-woo friend who loves to sage & keep their aura cleansed. You can never go wrong with this cleansing & smudging kit!


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