What Are the Best Crystals For Beginners?

Crystals are filled with magic & vibrations that empower you to live a magical sassy life. They help you shift your vibrations, attract abundance/success or remove negative vibrations from your aura & space. But the main question that always remains for someone just starting out is -

What are the best crystals for beginners to start with?

So today, I'm sharing my top 5 must have crystals in your toolkit to help you align with your health, wealth & success -


  • Master healer balancing & revitalising physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies

  • Stimulating the immune system to restore body back into perfect balance.

  • Amplifies whatever energy or intent you program into it

  • Helps balance entire chakra system


  • Stone to help absorb & repel negative energy

  • Bring soothing energy to help you relax.

  • Great stone for meditation

  • Releases your body of anxiety & reduces nightmares.

  • Improves focus, memory & strengthens your immune system.


    3. OBSIDAN

  • Stone of purification, transformation & manifestation.

  • Helps aid digestion, detoxifying your body & reduce arthritis.

  • Removes & absorbs negativity from environment

  • Inspires inner reflection & stimulates growth & strength.



  • Stone of self esteem, self confidence, self expression & individuality

  • Inspires emotional clarity & relieves you of self-doubt

  • Helps eliminate the fear of being judged or criticized by others.



  • Crystal of unconditional love.

  • Teaches true essence of love, purifies & opens the heart at all levels.

  • Brings deep inner healing & self love/

  • Inspires love of beauty in yourself & others

  • Helps you nurture yourself & learn to trust, value, and forgive yourself.

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