What's the deal with Crystals?

We've heard a lot of people talk about crystals, the woo-woo stuff that maybe you don't understand about!

So why not start with the basics..

What are crystals & what's the deal with crystals?

Crystals are stones formed over many thousand years from a rich array of minerals. They vary widely in colors & geolocial formations due to chemical compounds that give them their energetic properties & powers.

In short, they are powerful, tangible tools to help you transform your life physically, mentally & emotionally.


The best way to get crystals to support you is by programming them with your intentions aka creating a physical anchor & calling for the energy you desire the most.

Some crystals help you with protection by filtering out the negativity in your environemnt while there are others that promote self love by helping you increase your self esteem & feel more happy.

Crystals come in 3 forms - rough, polished & in objects like jewelry.

  • Rough crystals are crystals in natural form. They are broken or mined from living rock. It's the untreated surface of the stone that looks "rough" and have the gratest healing power.

  • Polished crystals are tumbled with water & sand until they come smooth. Because of their smooth texture they can be carried on the body, in your pocket or touched while healing/meditating.

Buying a crystal is intuitive or based on what you need it for.

If you are at a crystal store, you may either be called towards a certain crystal stone or you may want to buy one on the basis of their property.

Once you have the crystal home, the next step is to Cleanse & Re-Charge the Crystals.

Cleaning & Clearing your Crystals -

It's essential to clean your crystals from any previous vibrations & intentions before you set yours.

There are few ways of doing it -

  • Physical Cleansing -

How you clean a crystal depends on the type of crystals it is. Before cleaning a crystal with water, check the crystal's Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness.

If it's 6 or higher, you can safely clean it with water.

Crystals that can be safely cleaned with water include: The Quartz family (clear or “rock,” smoky, rose, amethyst, chalcedony, aventurine, etc.) and gemstones (diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires).

The crystals less than 6 on the scale are water soluble & can lose their properties if inserted in water.

  • Burying Crystals Earth

    The second way of cleansing crystals is by burying them in the earth. Dig a hole in a place you feel safe & carefully place the crystals in it. It's a good way to remove negative energy. However be careful of not damaging the crystals.

  • Smudging

One of my favorite ways to cleanse the crystals is by smudging them. You can buy white sage & burn them to clear space & crystals. The crystals are passed through the smoke to be cleansed and purified. You can use a mixture of dry sage, cedar, lavender and or sweetgrass for this purpose. It cleanses the lattice and energy field of the crystal. You can also clear a crystal this way before or after a healing session. You can also smudge with incense smoke. You can use incense, like Frankincense, for this purpose.

Remember to not fan the smoke or pass your own hand in the smoke when you cleaning the crystals so as not to pick all the negative energy yourself.

  • Breath

    Another way to clear your crystals is by using your Breath. To do this you take a crystal or crystals in your hand and breathe slowly to steady yourself and become centered with the crystal. As you take a deep, long breath focus on the crystal you are clearing. Raise the crystal and release your breath. Visualize the static and ambient energy being cleared away. Repeat until you feel satisfied that you cleared the crystal or are feeling light-headed.

  • Moonlight

Moonlight is also used for clearing crystals. The light of the full moon is a powerful cleanser, and is 100% safe for all of your crystals. That makes it a great method for cleansing any of your precious stones. Moonlight is another method that can be used if the timing is right. Set your stones out either in a window sill or right outside if there is a place that will be safe for them to be. You will want to place the stones out on the night of the Full Moon.

Once you've cleansed your crystals, the NEXT STEP is to CHARGE & ACTIVATE the crystals to direct the energy towards you & your intentions.

Just like there are several methods to cleanse crystals, there are also several methods to activate & charge/ re-charge crystals.

  • Sunlight

    Sunlight helps in recharging the crystals with ultraviolet light called “light radiation”. Typically, 4 hours in the sun once a week keeps a small crystal energetic and alert. However, some crystals require a much longer time to re-charge.

Charging crystals is exactly as it sounds like. Every crystal already contains it's own unique vibrational energies that become low or depleated. Charging crystals is like giving a jumpstart to a weak battery so it's back to being 100%.

  • Moonlight

    Moonlight is another positive charge option, particularly for moonstone and milky colored stones, such as milky quartz, opal or pearls. For moon-type energy (mystical, magical, inward fulfillment), put your crystal outside (either in water or not) under the light of a full moon for several hours.

  • Intention Setting

    You can transfer energy into your crystal in a number of ways to empower it & set the intention. You can meditate and hold the crystal in your projective (dominant) hand, visualizing energy pouring into it. You can hold the crystal and charge it with your own breath. You can also charge it in religious rites and rituals by laying it before you or upon your altar and directing energy into it with your sacred altar tools.

Crystals can be tuned to enhahce their vibrations as well as programmed for specific purposes from emotional healing to inviting abundance & success to reducing anxiety, improving your overall wellness & to also empower yourself to manifest the sassy life of your dreams.

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