Feeling the Love! Or Not....

It's a funny thing how situations show us so much about ourselves and other people too. A quote I always think of is "Want to know who you real friends are? Start your own business and ask them to support you." Seriously one of the most true statements out there. People constantly post what car they drive, purse they carry, drink they drink, etc. all promoting large corporations and strangers. Ask them to try a free sample of a product you sell or heaven forbid purchase something and post about it or tell others about it and you will usually get a much different response! The first question is usually "can I get it at your discount?" What? Really? Does Coke sell you their drinks at their cost? No. They don't.Being in direct sales for a long time, I know this reality far too well. Those you think will absolutely support you and your new business are usually the ones to provide the least support. Sad but true. I have found something very similar with being injured. Those I thought would check in on me during this time are actually the ones I have heard from the least, if at all! Staying positive for myself and my family and putting everything I have into getting better consumes my day most days. I unfortunately don't have much to give right now to others. And this has made me discover who is my friend for what I can give to them and do for them and who is not. It's also brought people into my life I never imagined would check in with me like they do. What a huge blessing.

Sad but true for the most part. I think some of us grow and change and don't realize everyone around us is not doing the same. Situations like this bring all that to the forefront. Most of us are on a journey to bring the most peace, love and happiness into our lives as possible. Some people not only love but thrive on drama and talking about it endlessly. Things become very clear when you have nothing to give.

I am beyond grateful for all the universe allows me to see and will certainly use that moving forward as I decide where and with whom to spend my time, energy and love. I encourage all of you to do the same - go where you are loved. This, yet another amazing lesson brought by a dog walk gone so wrong!

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