Gym Bag Monday - Post Workout Recovery

In my gym bag this week I am featuring one of my post work out favorites. If any of you have ever followed a Stoppani program you know one of the post work out tricks is 30 gummy bears or pixie sticks. If you haven't followed one of his programs you may wonder what this is all about. In short, during workout you deplete muscle glycogen so one of the first things you want to do post work out is replenish that glycogen with a fast digesting carbohydrate. I used gummy bears for this for quite a while but realized eating candy seemed to mess with my mindset and I felt the need to eat off plan more than usual. This may not happen to everyone but was a problem for me.

Enter Post Jym fast absorbing carbs. I can achieve the same result by throwing this in my post work out shake but I don't affect my mindset in doing it. Perfect for someone like me. You can check out Stoppani supplements on I love all of them that I have tried. They are clean and actually have all the ingredients listed on the label which is rare!

Cheers to a fit week!

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