Two For Tuesday - Headphones - Wired or Wireless?

Happy Tuesday! Two for Tuesday today features headphones - wired or wireless?

I have used both and at times still do depending on my mood or type of work out. I wear Beats wireless headphones the majority of the time. For one reason, I find people are a lot less likely to interrupt my workout when I have them on. For some reason people don't seem to mind, at all, asking you to pull that one headphone out of your ear to chat but that is not true with the much larger wireless Beats. Since I keep myself on very short rest periods between sets, that is a HUGE plus for me! Another plus of wireless headphones is I never catch them on a weight rack or weight stand and rip them from my ear! Oh if I had a dollar every time I had done that with wired headphones. Another big plus! The upside of wired headphones is they are a lot smaller, your hair does not get totally trashed and they are not hot like the wireless set I use. So if I am only doing cardio or something that does not involve weights I will wear wired headphones at times.

As far as my Beats - I highly recommend them. They are awesome as far as the sound produced and the noise they cancel out and they stay put on my head during the work out. Love love them. If you are in the market for headphones, check them out.

Cheers to a fantastic day!

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