What's In My Gym Bag - Lululemon Socks

Happy Monday Fitness Peeps! Today from my gym bag are my favorite socks. Socks seem like such a small thing but when you have a pair that slips or bunches up at the toe it is very distracting. Especially for me and I need all of my attention focused on my workouts!

The best socks I have found are Lululemon Speed Sock. I love them because they are made out of an awesome mesh that breathes and keeps my feet feeling dry; they have seamless toes (so no fidgeting trying to get the seam in the right place); the profile is low, (it sits on the edge of my shoe) and they have arch support and cushioning in the heal and the toe. Added bonus is they are very long lasting.

I wear these every day and highly recommend them to my fellow fitness lovers. You can check them out here:


Cheers to a fantastic Monday!

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