What's In My Gym Bag

I get asked a lot of questions about products I use, so I thought I would start sharing what's in my gym bag with you every Monday!  Since today is the first post I wanted to share my actual bag with you.I am a HUGE advocate and lover of 6 pack bags and have been for several years.  They are awesome meal management bags.  I have had several and this is one of two I use now.  Well, I don't actually use the other one, I just stare at it since I won it from 6 Pack and it is autographed by Dana Linn Bailey herself!

Anywho, one of my philosophies is  "you fail to plan, you plan to fail" so I LOVE being able to carry a few meals on the go with me when I will be out and about for several hours.  The "Camille" bag that I carry allows me to take 4 snacks/meals with me on the go!  It comes with 4 snap lid containers and a sports nutrition compact.  It is kept cool by 2 gel packs that last about 8 hours or so when frozen.  (Fantastic on a plane trip.)

On top of the container section, is one large section which holds TONS of stuff.  There is also a slot for your laptop which is a really cool idea.  There are several smaller pockets inside to store your gear!

If you are looking for a meal management bag  I highly recommend 6 Pack Bags.  

Next week will will start exploring the contents!  Have a fantastic week everyone!

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