What's In My Gym Bag Monday - G-love gloves!

I know gloves are not for everyone, but for some of us, we prefer to minimize the calluses as much as possible.  I myself being one of those people, have tried many different glove brands.  I have found most brands are huge, they come up too high on the wrist, the fabric holds an odor quickly and cannot be laundered and they are not very feminine looking, just to name a few issues!  Plus I found they did little to nothing to prevent the calluses from happening.I found the perfect solution to all these issues.  G-loves.  They come in extra small (which I need), they are machine washable, and they have tons of awesome designs!  An added benefit I found was that the palms are perfectly padded to help minimize calluses.  I have 4 pair I alternate and will never wear anything else!

Check them out here:  www.g-loves.com  They are definite game changers!

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