Goal Setting For Success

It's New Year 2020! Time to set fresh goals & make changes happen! New Year gives you an opportunity to start fresh by setting new intentions. But how often have you set goals only to find yourself slipping back into the old habits even before February ends?

This time, let's do things differently. Let's put in some WORK & crush some goals.

So often we set goals of losing weight or getting healthy but lack the DRIVE or HOW to do it. And this year I want to help you do things differently so you can go from being clueless to setting a powerful actionable goal.

2 Simple Steps to Goal Setting For Success:


But before we jump on the nitty-gritty of the goal-setting process, I want to know - WHAT IS YOUR WHY? Why do you want to lose weight/ tone/ get healthy / *insert your goal* ?

Knowing your WHY helps you form a stronger connection to WHAT you want to do (your goal) so you can push yourself on days when it gets hard.

Taking an example of one of the babes from the Sassy Lyfe group - "I want to lose 75 lbs, but even more than that I want to eat better and tone up."

Now to make your goal of losing 75 lbs more powerful & less overwhelming, break it further down using the following Qs —

  • WHAT will you do achieve your goal?

  • WHEN will you do it?

  • WHERE will you do it?

  • WHO would you do it with?

You can revise your goal & say something like — I'm going to eat clean & workout for 40 minutes at least 3 times a week with my personal training. It'll be so much more empowering than just wanting to lose 75 lbs which can get scary & overwhelming; because — on the days when you are too tired or sore to go to the gym and it's Tuesday + it's one of the 3 mornings + you've got a commitment with your personal training, don't you think your odds of showing up will MUCH higher?

Step 2 - Think like a Sloth

Once you know your goal, I want to encourage you to take it to the NEXT LEVEL. Think like a sloth when it comes to taking action on your goal. Confused? Keep reading...

Sloths are known for their slowness. But if you think about a Sloth's mindset it is to get sh*t done so they can hang upside down on a tree & go back to sleep. Use the same principle when it comes to taking action. Find the path of least resistance to get you to your goals.

Example - If you haven't been active much or ever been to a gym, which action makes more sense —

+ Getting into a habit of walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes in the gym down the road?
+ Joining an expensive gym 30 miles away from your place?

Which one do you think you are more inclined to show up for?

Goal setting isn't supposed to be complex. It's supposed to be fun with doable action steps so you can achieve what you want to. If you are ready to make this your best year yet, click here to join the Sassy Lyfe Facebook group where we are talking all about Goal Setting & kicking ass!

Don't forget to download the Goal Setting Worksheet & print out so you can really put pen to paper.

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