Healthy Garlicky Green Crock-Pot Chicken Lentils


1.5 lbs skinless chicken breasts (around four 5oz. chicken breasts)

1 cup green lentils

1 -1/2 cups vegetable or chicken broth (gluten free)

1 Tbsp. butter or ghee (melted)

For the GREEN SAUCE marinade:

1/4 cup chopped sweet onion

1/2 cup packed basil leaves

3 mint leaves

3 - 4 tbsp olive oil

3 garlic cloves (peeled)

2oz (1/4 cup) fresh orange juice

1/2 tsp chili pepper seasoning

1/2 tsp smoked (or regular) paprika

1/2 tsp each sea salt and black pepper (and any extra desired for when you serve individually plates)

For the optional Green Avocado Yogurt on top:

1/2 avocado mixed with 1/3 cup plain yogurt. (optional)


Rinse your chicken and your lentils. Dry and set aside. Next maybe sure all your veggies for the green sauce are cleaned and chopped. Combine in a blender until green marinade is formed. Place broth and and lentils in the crock pot at the bottom. Mix together. Mix in your butter/ghee Place chicken on top and then pour the green sauce over the chicken. It will look soupy but it keeps the chicken more moist. Cook on low for 4 -6 hrs (until lentils/chicken is down) or high for 3 hrs. There will be a nice sauce from the broth and green marinade combined. Serve the lentil and chicken in a bowl and place some of the broth on top. Garnish with extra sea salt/pepper and basil if desired. Top with avocado cream.

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