Two for Tuesday - Peanut Butter PB2

One of my favorite go to snacks is peanut butter (natural no sugar added.) I switch back and forth between my 2 favorite brands, Adams crunchy peanut butter (and boy is it crunchy!) and PB2 powdered peanut butter.Each has its advantages. I love Adams on a piece of toast because it is so crunchy and reminds me of a pb&j as a kid. I do not however love the calories and fat.

For a shake or an on the go snack, I love PB2. It's easy to carry and mixes perfectly in my shakes. Here is a quick comparison:

2Tbsp. Adams:200 calories (140 from fat)Fat 16 gSat Fat 2.5 gProtein 8 g

2 Tbsp. PB2:45 calories (13 from fat)Fat 1.5 gSat Fat 0 gProtein 5 g

As you can see PB2 is the healthier option for sure, but I still eat Adams in moderation because I love that crunchiness!

Cheers everyone!


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