Sweets for Your Sweetie

Valentines Day is right around the corner!  If you are planning on having or giving some of your favorite chocolates, you might want to check this out. According to Oxygen Magazine, candy is one of the TOP gifts on Valentines Day (as if we did not know that already.)  If you plan on indulging, this is what you will need to do to burn it off!

6 Dove dark chocolate hearts (220 calories) - 30 minutes of elliptical trainer

4 Godiva chocolate covered strawberries (160 calories) - 20 minute of circuit training

24 Conversation hearts (120 calories) - 30 minutes of pingpong

3 Russell Stover chocolates (250 calories) - 40 minutes of downhill skiing

10 Valentines gummy bears (90 calories) - 20 minutes of line dancing

9 Hershey's Hugs (210 calories) - 60 minutes of walking (3 mph)1

1 heart-shaped York Peppermint Pattie (480 calories) - 90 minutes of intense skiing

28 Valentine's M&Ms (142 calories) - 15 minutes of jump rope

Indulge in moderation and be sure to choose wisely!  Check out my blog yesterday on dark chocolate.  Its an amazing alternative!

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