Two For Tuesday - Green Tea

I started drinking green tea every morning years ago when I discovered it was a natural fat burner!  I have since truly fallen in love with it, when it is prepared properly.  If you are one of those people who do not care for green tea because it tastes bitter, then I have the solution for you!  When green tea is bitter, the tea is actually burned.  I take the water off the burner just prior to the tea kettle whistling.  This prevents the burn of the tea and the bitterness.Today I have featured my 2 favorite brands of tea:  Teavanna and Harney & Sons Fine Tea.  If you love "Emperor's Cloud" green tea from Starbucks, this is actually a Teavanna tea.  That is my first choice although quite pricey!  My second choice of Harney & Sons is a Target brand and I enjoy it in both "blueberry" flavor as well as "coconut."

Both are excellent and I highly recommend them.  Cheers & Happy Tuesday!


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