Two For Tuesday - 2 Sugar Substitutes

Happy Tuesday! At 37 I started learning about all the negative effects of refined sugar and started on a journey of eliminating it from my diet. Yes I make slips and get fooled at times but learn and continue on. It was Dr. Nicholas Perricone's work that started me on this journey. He is famous for his anti-inflammatory research and diet ( of my favorite sugar substitutes are stevia and coconut sugar. I primarily use stevia as it is lower on the glycemic index but I do find that it has a slight aftertaste when cooking. For those situations I use coconut sugar. It tastes fantastic. It does however have a slight brown tint that it leaves to the food (I use it in cole slaw for instance and it tints it brown.) Both are excellent alternatives to refined sugar.

Give them a try on one of your next recipes. Cheers!

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