Cucumber Hummus Roll Ups

Awesome snack for parties or family gatherings and an added bonus it is 21 day fix approved!


  • 1 large cucumber

  • ¼ cup store bought hummus (you can use homemade hummus if you would like)

  • ¼ cup roasted bell peppers (I did not have any so I used a combination of red and yellow peppers and slivers of carrots. You could also use sun dried tomatoes, capers, fresh herbs, sliced green onions)

  • toothpicks


  • Use a vegetable peeler or Mandolin to slice the cucumber into long thin slices (you need 8 slices of cucumber).

  • Place the cucumber slices on top of paper towels, blotting the top of each slice with a paper towel as well. This will make the surface less slick so the hummus will spread easier.

  • Spread the hummus evenly on each slice.

  • Top each cucumber slice with peppers or veggies of your choice.

  • Start at one end of each cucumber slice roll it up loosely.

  • Secure it with a toothpick and place it on a plate with the seam on the bottom.

  • Enjoy!

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