Summer Road Trips & Clean Eating

Summer Road Trips & Clean Eating

It is that time of year again to start thinking about summer road trips & summer vacations. I think traveling in the car is a challenging time for everyone to stay on their plan and eat clean. I have found that taking the time to pack snacks/foods that travel well is the key to maintaining your clean eating lifestyle. There are 2 ways to look at a vacation. Some people take it as a vacation from everything (no clean eating or exercise) and some people, like myself, may have some off-plan meals but try to stay somewhat on my routine the remainder of the time.

If you will be traveling somewhere to stay in a hotel, you may have plenty of healthy options upon arrival, but I highly recommend you take the time to do your research and make sure. Most hotel rooms are now equipped with a refrigerator and coffee pot. Some even have microwaves. If your room has all 3 you have hit the trifecta for sure! This will improve your chances of staying on plan tremendously.

These are some foods I normally take with me (I carry a 6 pack bag) that seems to travel well (car or in a plane):

  • Fruits (grapes, apples, oranges, blueberries)
  • Nuts (almonds & walnuts)
  • Protein powder (I portion mine out in snack size zip locks)
  • Sliced veggies (carrots, peppers, celery)
  • Snack size individual guacamole,
  • Peanut butter & hummus
  • Baked chicken breast (I shred mine)
  • Boiled eggs
  • Ezekiel tortillas
  • Protein bars
  • Brown rice crackers lunch mean (applegate farms)

Carrying these items always makes a huge difference for me.

When I get the munchies, I have clean options, which is important. This keeps me from running in a convenience store and grabbing something. As I said, I use a 6 pack bag which has ice packs and keeps everything chilled for the entire day. There are several brands of meal management bags out there and I highly recommend these over carrying small cooler.

Happy traveling my friends!

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