My Favorite Keto Coffee Recipe

Although I do not follow a Keto eating plan, I do LOVE keto coffee! I love to make a cup every now & then and  I find it is super filling and lasts until after I get everyone off to work and school and sit down and make my morning shake.  I have tried several different products for this but have included my absolute favorites below.

What are the benefits of keto coffee you ask?  Getting healthy fats first thing in the morning is a great way improve your cognitive function, kickstart your energy and also supports your hormonal system, which we sassy ladies know is a MUST. 

Grass Fed Ghee.  What in the world is that? Ghee is made through a process of boiling butter and then pouring off the butterfat, leaving behind the proteins (casein and whey) and the milk solids (which includes lactose). What’s left is also known as clarified butter as you will see in Whole 30 books. It helps with digestion, heart disease and weight loss.

MCT Oil is a medium chain triglyceride commonly found in coconut oil.  While most coconut oil contains roughly 60% MCT fatty acids, you can buy actual MCT oil which is more concentrated.  It is great for weight management and cognitive function.  You will at times see it referred to as brain oil.

 Give it a try and I would love to know what you think!  

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