My latest obsession

I LOVE trying new things!  That is one thing I continually do to make sure I have the best products/nutrition available for my sassy 47 year old self as well as my clients.  I have gotten even more serious with this since my injury because I am constantly battling inflammation in my knee and recently have been struggling with adrenal fatigue.  (That shit is for real ladies.)  Whew.

So one of the things I have recently started learning about is adaptogens.  What is an adaptogen you ask?   It is a healing plant that basically helps your body "adapt" to stressors, mental and physical.  It could be weather, altitude, hectic schedules, you name it.  Adaptogens help with mental clarity, strength, endurance, clarity, hormone imbalances, even mood.  They also help with things like adrenal fatigue.  So for me, it is a double win.  So where am I finding these adaptogens?  In my organic coffee! 

I have been drinking Four Sigmatic for a couple of weeks now and am in LOVE. The adaptogens come from mushrooms in the coffee.  (No it doesn't taste like mushrooms.) I am loving the flavor, and the way my knee is responding.

 If you are suffering from inflammation or adrenal fatigue, I highly recommend giving it a try!   Cheers!

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