Sassy Sweet Swaps

Sweets!  A topic that seems to be the downfall of so many sassy ladies I speak with. I hear stories of a healthy shake for breakfast, chicken and spinach for lunch, healthy snacks all day, salmon and broccoli for dinner and then bam!  That sweet craving hits.  And many find themselves derailed for the day.  What can we do to satisfy that craving without throwing out all the progress of the day?  How can we “clean” the dessert up so that the sugar doesn't  age us by the minute and throw on those extra pounds we are working so hard to keep off?? Here are a few of my sassy swaps to get you going in the right direction and make it where you can enjoy a dessert and stay on your plan.  

Substitute ThiS                                 For This                     Because

White Sugar                                                                                 Stevia                                                  It is lower on the glycemic index & will  not elevate blood

Artificial Sweetener                                                                 Coconut Sugar                                 sugar; also has fewer calories

                                                                                                        Monk Fruit

Chocolate Chips                                                                       Lillys Chocolate Chips                   Sweetened with stevia

Dried Fruit                                                                                   Freeze Dried Fruit                            Does not have added sugar as dried fruit has

Cocoa                                                                                           Cacao Powder                                  Less processed, has more powerful antioxidant effects an     

                                                                                                                                                                       health benefits

White Flour                                                                                 Almond Flour                                   Less processed, has more powerful antioxidant effects and

                                                                                                                                                                      health benefits (white flour even has corn syrup in it)

Karo Syrup                                                                                  Pure Maple Syrup                            No artificial ingredients; lower on the glycemic index

Milk Chocolate                                                                          Dark Chocolate                                It has half of the sugar

Need some recipes for inspiration??  Download your  Sassy Sweet Guide below.  Enjoy!

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