Coconut Sugar Syrup

Happy Saturday! Today my secret is coconut sugar syrup. It's super easy to make and I love it in place of maple syrup. I try to always use the sweetener with the lowest glycemic index and coconut sugar is lower than maple syrup or honey. My first preference is always stevia but it does have a bit of an aftertaste so my second choice is coconut sugar. It tastes amazing and does not have that little "bite" at the end. One note however, it does change the color of food somewhat. I use it in cole slaw for instance and it gives it a brown tint.

Here is a super simple recipe to make syrup:


½ cup of coconut sugar

½ cup of water

½ cup of butter


1.Put the sugar & water into a saucepan and melt over medium heat, stirring & watching constantly so it does not burn. 2.Once the sugar has melted, add the butter and mix until melted. 3.Bring to a boil & allow to boil for just a minute or two until it starts to thicken. You do not need to boil it too long because it will get even thicker as it cools. The longer you let it simmer, the more intense the flavor. 4.Pour into a glass jar or bottle & let cool.

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