Need a Sugar Detox?

In need of a sugar detox? Below you will find my secrets to winning the battle with cutting out sugar. And it IS a battle. Sugar is hidden in our foods under names you would never suspect! As you begin to detox, you might start feeling the effects within just a few days, for some it may take up to a full 2 weeks to feel the benefits. No matter what, you can stick with it! You CAN do this!

Some secrets to ensure success as you detox:

THE GOAL :To rid your body of any refined sugars and artificial sweeteners! 

Refined sugars make the body sluggish, fog the mind and can cause skin to look dull and breakout, along with a long list of chronic diseases caused by sugar. Sugar also has been shown to have the same effects in the body as some street drugs. Even just a picture of a sweet enticing treat can stimulate the brain the same way an addict’s brain lights up when being shown drugs. That’s pretty scary, right?! It’s time to transform your body, take charge of your health, pledge to cut out the nasty white stuff and reap amazing benefits!

THE BENEFITS : Gain lasting energy, improved mental, physical and dental health

There are SO MANY benefits to detoxing and cutting sugar from your diet I couldn’t possibly cover them all. So here are just a few of the most important ones to take note of:

#1. Better health -- by avoiding diseases caused by high sugar consumption

#2. Increased energy throughout the day -- a surge in energy from clean fuel

#3. Positivity and better mood -- less risk of depression and anxiety

#4. Weight loss -- helps you shed those unwanted pounds

#5. Kills cravings -- by balancing out your blood sugar levels

#6. Glowing complexion -- appearance of skin looks clearer and younger

WHAT TO EXPECT : Physical and mental side affects of detoxing

As you detox from the white stuff, because the mind-body connection is strong, you may feel it mentally and physically. Remember, we are withdrawing from a negative subsance so you may experience similar pains, but it will be worth it! You may also experience positive mental side effects such as detoxing from negative thoughts and bad habits. That’s a a win-win in my book!

JOURNAL EACH DAY : Document your physical and mental feelings

Based on previous experience, some may feel foggy or sluggish by day 3 and 4. This is totally normal. Your body is adjusting and learning to function without sugar. You may feel like giving in and that sweet treat would help... But DO NOT GIVE UP! The end is near. Drinking more water and getting plenty of sleep will help ease these side affects. By getting rid of all the refined sugars you will start to reap the benefits of a clearer mind, glowing skin and better sleep!

FINDING BALANCE : Everything in moderation

 It’s most likely not possible to completely cut sugar out of your life for good -- so I believe in everything in moderation. You probably would like to enjoy a piece of cake or ice cream on your birthday, right? We can still treat here and there on special days. Remember to always include more fresh, whole foods versus the boxed and processed options. If you do slip up in the future after detoxing, just get back on track! No regrets. No guilt. Just keep moving!

As always, view this is as a part of the journey.  There is no destination sassies.  Just keep going!  And as always, stay sassy!

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