10 Tips For Staying Clean & Healthy During The Holidays

I know the biggest and best secret to staying on track with fitness and nutrition is to plan well, prepare as much as you can, and while you’re at it, review your goals so those always stay in front of mind. Staying on track is hard when you’re attempting to add more stress and responsibilities that come with hosting over the holidays, but its the perfect time to confidently move forward and show yourself that it’s possible.

Check out these 10 Tips For Staying Clean & Healthy During The Holidays —

  • Plan your meals - If you plan to spend the weekend out, it's important to come home to cooked meals that you can heat & enjoy in the comfy of your couch. Plan your meals & use Crockpot. You can start a meal when you leave in the morning and it will be ready when you arrive home after.

  • Swap to healthy options - When having alcohol, avoid the sugary premixes & instead opt for wine or something mixed with water. For more swap ideas, check out the swap guide here >> Sassy Sweet Swaps

  • Start off your day every day with a "clean" healthy breakfast. Kick things off on the right foot for the day.

  • Check the Menu — When going for Christmas brunches or dinner, check out the restaurant menu ahead of time so you can decide what you want to order. You will have a plan for the meal & won't have to rush into placing your order.

  • Carry snacks when on the road so you don't indulge in takeaway or make unhealthy choices because you are hangry.

  • Use essential oils or aromatherapy - If you feeling overwhelmed at the end of the day, add some essential oils in a diffuser you to de-stress and get a good night’s rest. Lemon, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon and tea tree are my personal favorites during winter & holiday season.

  • Stay on top of your health supplements - Adding fat burning supplements like the Liquid Gold to help you burn fat, lose inches and promote lean body composition. Not only that, before the winter blues or fatigue strikes in, make sure you are ALSO doing everything possible to boost your immune system and stay healthy.

  • Plan — If you are due a treat meal, plan for it. Do not become a victim of circumstance and eat off-plan because you did not plan for the meal out.

  • Prioritize Self Care — Make the time to exercise, get as much sleep as you need, and have some downtime to relax (read a good book, dance around in your holiday stockings, enjoy a hot bubble bath with a cup of tea, etc). Having a plan to offset some of the extra stress of the holidays is so important. When you’re planning to entertain, it’s even more important to put yourself first for a small amount of time each day.

  • Most importantly - Don't forget to Stay Hydrated. Set reminders on your phone encouraging you to chug-a-lug for a few minutes every couple of hours. Dehydration causes fatigue, fuzzy memory, and even shows on your face. Keep your skin hydrated from the inside out for a beautiful holiday glow.

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