40 Healthy Actions to Stay Fit & Eat Clean

Your guide to clean eating, healthy habits & living a sassy lyfe!

I often get asked, how do I take back charge of my life?! What should I be doing & not doing? Even though there's so much that you can dive into when you start living a healthy lifestyle, I've made a small cheat sheet to help you get started.

40 Healthy Actions For A Sassy Lyfe #cheatsheet fitness & clean eating

  1. Drink water

  2. Strive to be active every day

  3. Add more veggies to your meals

  4. Choose fruits over desert

  5. Eat lean & clean

  6. Choose salad over fries

  7. Add probiotics to your diet

  8. Take the stairs instead of lifts

  9. Choose walk or bike over driving

  10. Create a schedule & stick to it.

  11. Do some gentle stretching after you wake up & before sleeping

  12. Get fresh air every day

  13. Take long walks on weekends

  14. Don't weigh yourself every day; stick to once a week if you want to keep track

  15. Take body measurements once a month

  16. Minimize your stress

  17. Limit your salt consumption

  18. Strive to eat less sugar

  19. Replace white sugar with coconut sugar or stevia

  20. Opt for kale chips over potato chips.

  21. Choose wholegrain over white flour

  22. Learn to make quick & healthy smoothies

  23. Prep your meals (for the following week) on the weekend

  24. Have protein rich diet

  25. Add healthy fats & oils

  26. Weigh your meals or count your calories if possible

  27. Find out your daily metabolic rate

  28. Log your calories in a food app to keep track of what you eating & how much

  29. Journal & get to root if you are used to stress eating

  30. Notice when you are emotional eating

  31. Notice if you are really hungry or just dehydrate or bored?

  32. Visualize yourself fit & healthy

  33. Get enough hours of sleep

  34. Include your kids in your workout routine

  35. Choose red wine when you drink alcohol

  36. Swap white flour for almond or coconut flour.

  37. Limit your alcohol consumption

  38. Start your day with ACV in water

  39. Eat fiber-rich diet

  40. Make it a habit to add exercise or stretching while you binge-watching TV

 These are just a few ideas to get you going on a healthy lifestyle!


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