From Procrastinator to Fitbabe - 4 Tools To Go From Fearful To Sassy

Fear often strikes when we think or plan of doing something new, something that's out of our comfort zone & we've never done before.

How often do you set a goal of losing weight or trying a new diet but fall off the wagon after only doing it for a few days? It's our ego's way of warning us that it's different, it's dangerous & hence should not be pursued.

Fear in some cases is good, like when it tells you NOT to touch a hot stove; but when you wanting to change & live a healthy lifestyle you can not let the fear (of unknown or change) hold you back.

So what can you do to become the Sassy Fitbabe version of yourself?

Check out these tools to help you overcome fear & become sassy —

+ Surround yourself with other Sassy Fitbabes —

You can not always push yourself out of the comfort zone; the days when you are sore, don't feel like getting out of bed or just too lazy your accountability partner will support you & motivate you to get your arse out of the house & into the gym/ workout.

Having a network of Sassy Fitbabes who have your back can motivate you to try new & exciting things while overcoming the fear. You can join the Sassy Lyfe community (if you haven't yet) to surround yourself with sassy & likeminded babes.


+ Ask yourself — What's the best-case scenario?

We are often so hell-bent on thinking negative thoughts that our instant thought is to think of the worst-case scenario. What if I failed? or What if it didn't work out for me? Instead, next time you are into a situation think to yourself - What's the best-case scenario? What's the best that can come out if I tried _______ ?

You'd instantly notice a change in your posture & attitude to try something new.


+ Get to the root —

If you don't feel like eating healthy or going to the gym or whatever change you are trying to make figure out what's making you feel funky. Are you exhausted from the previous day's workout? or Are you worried about what your family & friends are going to think? Worried they'd judge for starting yet again on your health journey as you've started, stopped & re-started several times in the past?

Fear of being judged often holds us back from taking a step forward.

PS - If you don't feel that it's the judgment but it's something else - try JOURNALING. It's an excellent tool to help you put your thoughts on paper & clear your mind of all the cluttering thoughts.

What's your go-to way to overcome fear & become the Sassy Fitbabe version of yourself? Share your ideas in the comments below!


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