Cheers to Healthy Holiday Drinks!

I absolutely LOVE this time of year but find one of the toughest parts of the holidays is entertaining and hosting! Whether your home is the hub of all the family gatherings, or you’re in charge of the office holiday party, its a difficult time of year to stay on track with your own health goals while everyone around you is diving into eggnog cheesecake, cream puffs, homemade 7-layer bars and boxes of Russell Stovers. And for me, one of the most difficult things to maneuver is all the amazing holiday drinks that show up during the holidays!

I love having an adult beverage but hate all the sugar and calories that are usually associated with this time of year.  Because of that, I usually stick with my stand by, red wine.  But not everyone loves wine the way I do, so I have put together a  holiday drink recipe book just for this time of year! 

A couple of rules of thumb you can follow when celebrating this season are:

1.     Skip the sugary mixers (even tonic) and use mineral water, seltzer or club soda instead.

2.     Follow the 1:1 rule.  One drink followed by one water.

3.     Limit your drinks to 2 so you don’t derail all your progress.

4.     Eat before you begin having drinks.  (After drinking at times leads to poor food decisions.)

5.     Enjoy time with family and friends!  Cheers!

Need more drink ideas??  You can download your Healthy Holiday Drink Guide by clicking this link!

What is your biggest temptation?  Which recipe will you try first?

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