Sharing Your Experiences With a Positive Twist

Everywhere I go I get asked what I did to my leg (obviously!) It seems many people have a story of an injury or even an injury related to mine. They love sharing the details and talking with me but what I have noticed is they make no attempt to give me hope or even try to put a positive spin on the story. I get things like "oh I was never the same again. I have to burn all the nerve endings off in my leg which is hard because then if I cut myself I don't know it." WTF? What? Really? I also had someone tell me that they were "very active like me and worked out all the time but then their knee was never the same again." They could not lunge or squat or do any of these movements and "it ruined me forever." Wow. Talk about knocking the wind out of you.

Good grief! I am not by any means saying every day is unicorns and rainbows. Quite the contrary. BUT when I get asked about my progress or my injury, I do always try to put a positive ending or spin on it. I have found so many more positives in this situation than negatives it's not a hard thing to do. It's all about mindset, as most everything in life is.

I started PT yesterday and although it is quite unpleasant, I can see the changes in my leg and know that every day I am one day closer to walking!! That is all it takes for me to get through the pain.

We all love "real" but make sure you are not sucking the hope out of someone when you give them your story. Give them something... Right? That's what I try to do as well when I share with you. It takes me a couple of days to write my blogs to make sure of this. Another great life lesson for me.

Cheers to a fantastic Week!

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