Feeling the Stress or Summer??

Hello Summer!  Along with sun & fun, I have noticed summer also seems to bring about change and some added stress!  Kids are home all day, then it's time to get ready for school; lots of parties and bar-b-ques and chances to eat off plan; people move and start new jobs; graduation, etc. you get my point here!  

For many people, dealing with change or added stress is dealt with m a big 'ol comfort meal!  While occasionally that is perfectly fine, there seem to be more than normal opportunities to do that during the summer.  One of the best ways to deal with change and stress is to stick to your plan as much as possible!  Make sure you are fueling your body with clean food.  Get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.  Get 7-8 hours of sleep at night  (remember this is when  your body heals.)  And drink plenty of water! 

What if you don't have a plan? This is the perfect time to get one!  A word of caution - this is not the time to jump in head first.  To ensure your success, start out small and then add to your plan as you feel you can.  The last thing you want to do is add more stress to your life!  

Cutting out all sugary drinks is the perfect place to start.  One thing I have found I love is La Croix flavored water. It is naturally flavored so no sugar, additives, etc.  It is amazing and gets me through when I do not feel like drinking plain water.  If you feel you need support, get an accountability partner.  This will help both of you stay on track.  Have any questions I can answer for you?  Just shoot me an email!

Cheers to a Fantastic and Stress Free Summer!

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