Two for Tuesday - What I'm Currently Reading

The older I get the more I absolutely love to read. Especially things that help me grow, evolve & feel empowered. These are two of my favorite books: "GirlCode" by Cara Alwill and "Get Rich Lucky Bitch" by Denise Duffield Thomas. GirlCode as I mentioned is one of Cara's books which I absolutely devoured! I could not put them down once I started reading. I love them all my GirlCode is my absolute favorite. I can feel her evolving into the powerhouse she is now through the books which I find incredibly motivating. GirlCode is motivating, empowering and a must read. There are fantastic interviews in the book as well.

Get Rich Lucky Bitch helped me realize and clear blocks I had that I was not even remotely aware I had. In fact I really didn't know anything about blocks. Denise has a very straightforward style that I completely love. She brought up so many topics that had never entered my mind. I could not put this book down once I started reading it. Both of these amazing ladies feel like long lost family members to me! ❤️

If you are looking to do some soul searching and personal growth, these two books are an absolute MUST on your reading list. Both are available at Amazon. Cheers to happy reading!

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