Self Quarantine Healthy Survival Tips

It's easy to put your nutirional needs on the back burner during quarantine or not push yourself to get any form of workout.

Staying on top of your nutrition & exercising (even if it's just 15minutes) will help you sleep better, feel better & stay in a better mood which means less anxiety. It'll also help you keep your immune system in shape to fight sickness or any kinda infection!

Here are some ways you can eat healthy, clean & within budget -


Shop your pantry and create a menu for each week. You’ll want to prioritize which ingredients may spoil the earliest. Consider making big salads early in the week and then maybe soups & stir frys later in the week.


Choose one day a week to take a couple of hours to meal prep some of your food. This way it’s easy to prepare your meals quickly - especially if it’s been a long day home schooling the kids! Having these ingredients prepped and on hand is a good idea because you’re most likely to use them since they’re cut & ready! I like to prep snack bags, cut any veggies needed and bulk cook whole grains.


You may have some extra time on your hands and with tensions running high you may be driven to stress-eat. To help manage your boredome & stress here are some things to try: meditation, prayer, exercise, going outside, journaling, playing with your kids or pets, and getting creative with an art or DIY project. If you have the cravings, try to use it as a time to eat more fruits, veggies or reach for a healthy treat like banana “nice” cream or a refreshing sweet superfood shake!


Before that fresh produce or even bread goes bad, make sure to have a plan for prepping, storing and freezing these foods. Don’t let that spinach go to waste. Freeze it in freezer bags to throw into fruit smoothies, soups, and chili. Same with other greens, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and fruit!


Most of all be kind to yourself and those you are quarantining with. This is a situation that has never happened before and hopefully never will again,



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