About Me

Welcome to my sassy lyfe! 

I’m Nicole! I am a sassy, crystal loving, wine drinking, selectively bougie bad bitch!


I believe 50 is a perfectly acceptable age to start your life over, making changes and doing all the things you ever dreamed of while learning not to seek approval from others, which is a hard thing to overcome! How to learn to be confident & comfortable in your own skin! We are all special, unique and one of a kind!

I encourage & empower sassy over 40 ladies to age gracefully (whatever that means for YOU)  and overcome all obstacles to becoming their most authentic selves! How to overcome fears, self doubt and put yourself out there and go after what YOU truly want!  

I help busy ladies realize there is a difference between aging and aging well!  

 I always try new things to ensure I have the best beauty and lifestyle products available to share with my tribe of amazing ladies. I love learning about new hair products & styles, beauty products (especially anything anti-aging) crystals, moon cycles, and all the things that help me stay mentally and physically healthy. And most of all love sharing that with my tribe of bad bitches! 

I'm also here to show you how you can fit that glass (or 3) of wine that we 50ish ladies love so much into your plan! Because let’s face it, this next chapter isn’t about depriving ourselves it’s about living life to the fullest!

It is time to feel amazing and healthy every single day!