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Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set

Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set

New Beginnings • Cleansing Aura • Protection

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The Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set is a set of 5 unique stones that help you not only survive mercury retrograde but thrive!   It's the time when Earth's orbit outpaces that of Mercury, making Mercury look like it's moving backwards. This backwards movement is the retrograde period. Retrogrades are an opportunity to slow down and shift your focus inward.

The set includes -

  • Amethyst Stone that helps with grounding & intuition, Amethyst helps in relieving stress & strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings & dispels anger, rage, fear & anxiety that are usually high during the full moon.

  • Clear Quartz – Helps bring clarity & focus when the energy around you is overwhelming & filled with anxiety & tension.

  • Hematite – The stone for the mind, stimulates concentration & focus to look at things in a new way you may have missed the first time around.

  • Black Obsidian– Strong grounding stone, known as “the protector.” It helps in activating root chakra & clearing your aura of any negative energy.

  • Blue Kyanite – Helps cleanse & align all chakras.

Care Instructions

All bracelets are handmade and crafted with high quality natural gemstones. Each bracelet is uniquely yours. Natural gemstones vary slightly in color and size. Remove before exposure to water or chlorine. Avoid direct contact with products such as lotion, hairspray, makeup, and perfume. As with any jewelry, it is best to remove bracelets before sleeping and physical activity. It is best to roll bracelets over the wrist to help preserve the quality and stretch. Always remember to treat your bracelets gently with care and good vibes.

Please remember, the stretch bracelets are designed to move freely around the wrist. Wearing your bracelets too tight can compromise the integrity of the stretch cord.

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    All crystals - jewellery & gemstones are ethically sourced & intuitively selected.


    All crystals come with info card describing the properties